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Power engineering and Engineering in Slovakia 2022

in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and its faculties FEI and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Žilina, TU in Košice and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

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Medzinárodný strojársky veľtrh Nitra AMPER 2018 ELO SYS Strojárstvo - Energetika

The current issue 2021 presents:

A.G.E.S. s.r.o. OlcnavaABC Food Machinery spol. s r.o.AEH, spol. s r.o.agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, štátny podnikAtlas Copco s.r.o. - priemyselné náradieAutoCont Control, spol. s r.o.BELIMO Automation Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.CNC frézovanie, s.r.o.CVP Galvanika s.r.o.CWT Metal, s.r.o.DATRON-TECHNOLOGY s.r.o.Diagnostika-servis s.r.o.DUOMETAL PLUS s.r.oEDEL VENT, s.r.o.ELEKTRO - HARAMIA s.r.o.ELEKTROPOHONY SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.ElektroSystem AM, spol. s r.o.ELKOND HHK, a.s.ELTERM s.r.o. - plynové infražiaričeELZA - Elektromontážny závod Bratislava, a.s.ENERGIA - Jarás, s. r. o.ENERGIA, spol. s r.o.ENERGOPROJEKT EDS, s. r. o.ESE s.r.o.EUROPUR s.r.o.EXPO CENTER a.s.EZ-ELEKTROMONT, a.s.FANUC Slovakia s.r.o.FENIX SLOVENSKO s.r.o.FILTER INVEST V & T GROUP, s.r.o.GRAVITON s.r.o. - váhy na mieruHoffmann Qualitätswerkzeuge SK s.r.oHoffmann Qualitätswerkzeuge SK s.r.oHUSŤAK H+J, electronic, s.r.o.Ing. Eduard ZÁBORSKÝ - montáž a servis žeriavov a zdvíhadielKIWA sk, s.r.o.KONTURA, s. r. o.KOVOSTROJ a.s. MedzilaborceLindenmaier Slovakia, s.r.o.M & V SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.M. F. TEAM, spol. s r. o.MAJOMAX spol. s r.o.MARPEX s.r.o. - priemyselná a procesná automatizáciaMegger s.r.o.MENERT spol. s r.o.Metalpro SK, s.r.o.Miba Sinter Slovakia s.r.o.MicroStep, spol. s r.o.MIKro-TRADE spol. s r.o.Minerva Slovensko, a.s.ORGECO, spol. s r.o.PANAS Tools s. r. o.PPA CONTROLL, a.s.PRAGOLAB s.r.o.Pyrotherm, s.r.o.R & D MOLD MACHINING s. r. o.Reca Slovensko s.r.o.RITTAL, s. r. o.SALTEK Slovakia, s.r.o.Shrinktech s.r.o.SIMAP GROUP, a.s.SOFTIP a.s.SOS electronic s.r.o.SOVA Digital a.s.SPIŠ-VIEW-TRADING, spol. s r. o.Stapa Slovakia s.r.o. - defektoskopiaSTEEL COLOR TECHNOLOGY, s.r.o.ŠVEC a SPOL., s.r.o.TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s.TB TECHNIKA s. r. o.Technotrade SK, s. r. o. – hydraulické systémyTELUX spol. s r. o.TEMPUS s.r.o. - strojárska výrobaTibor PÓŇA - Opravy a prevíjanie elektromotorovTITAN FASTECH EUROPE, s.r.o.TME Slovakia, s.r.o.TOP TIN, s.r.o. - spracovanie plechovTOPSOLID CZECH, s.r.o.TPV - TECHNOLOGY, s.r.o.VINUTA s.r.o.VURAL a.s.Východoslovenská energetika a.s.Witzenmann Slovakia, spol. s r.o.ZTS ELTOP spol. s r.o.

So far, the following have confirmed their participation in the forthcoming issue:

ABC Food Machinery spol. s r.o.AutoCont Control, spol. s r.o.AWU Precision Slovakia k.s.BCF ENERGY, s. r. o.BELIMO Automation Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.Bliss-Bret, a.s.Camfil s.r.o.CNC frézovanie, s.r.o.Computer Control Technology, s.r.o.Constellium Extrusions Levice s.r.o.CVP Galvanika s.r.o.DATRON-TECHNOLOGY s.r.o.Diagnostika-servis s.r.oELEKTRO - HARAMIA s.r.o.ELEKTROMONT TOPOĽČANY, s.r.o.ELEKTROPOHONY SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.ElektroSystem AM, spol. s r.o.ELKOND HHK, a.s.ELTERM s.r.o. - plynové infražiaričeELZA - Elektromontážny závod Bratislava, a.s.ENERGIA - Jarás, s. r. o.Exportno-importná banka Slovenskej republiky, skrátene EXIMBANKA SRFANUC Slovakia s.r.o.FILTER INVEST V & T GROUP, s.r.o.Filter Technik Slovakia, s.r.o.FROST - service, s.r.o.GAMAalumínium s.r.o.GRAVITON s.r.o. - váhy na mieruHACO, a.s.HASMA, s.r.o.Hoffmann Qualitätswerkzeuge SK s.r.oHydro Extrusion Slovakia electronic, s.r.o.IMP Kontakt, spol. s r.o.INTECH, spol. s r. o.IQLOGY, s r.o.KINEX Measuring a.s.KOVOSTROJ a.s. MedzilaborceLindenmaier Slovakia, s.r.o.M & V SLOVAKIA, s.r.o.M. F. TEAM, spol. s r. o.MARPEX s.r.o. - priemyselná a procesná automatizáciaMCS, s.r.o.Metalpro SK, s.r.o.MicroStep, spol. s r.o.Minerva Slovensko, a.s.POWER BELT pohonné mechanizmy s.r.o.PRODEX, spol. s r.o. KošicePyrotherm, s.r.o.RAFFENDAY SLOVAKIA s.r.o.Reca Slovensko s.r.o.RITTAL, s. r. o.SALTEK Slovakia, s.r.o.SEZ Krompachy a.s.Shrinktech s.r.o.SNAP s.r.o.SOFTIP a.s.SOS electronic s.r.o.SOVA Digital a.s.SPINEA, s.r.o.Stapa Slovakia s.r.o. - defektoskopiaSTEEL COLOR TECHNOLOGY, s.r.o.Stredoslovenská energetika, a. s.SUNSOFT plus spol. s r.o.TB TECHNIKA s. r. o.Technotrade SK, s. r. o. – hydraulické systémyTELUX spol. s r. o.Tibor PÓŇA - Opravy a prevíjanie elektromotorovULBRICH Slovensko s.r.o.VNZ - SK, spol. s r.o.Východoslovenská energetika a.s.Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.ZTS ELTOP spol. s r.o.

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Year: 22th
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Engineering - Category on website

  1. Engineering Materials and Components
    1. Metallurgical Semi-products and Products
    2. Engineering Products Manufactured by Other Industr
    3. Machine Parts
    4. Connecting and anchoring material
  2. Processing of Metals and Materials
    1. Machines for Metals Working, Shaping and Adjustmen
    2. Special Technologies of Materials Processing
    3. Surface treatment of metals and materials
    4. Welding and Welding Technology
    5. Technical Gases
    6. Tools and Instruments
  3. Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Compressors
    1. Hydraulics, Hydraulic Elements and Systems
    2. Pneumatics and Pneumatic Elements
    3. Compressors
    4. Fittings, Pumps and Distributions
    5. Filters, filtration
  4. Automation, Measuring, Regulation
    1. Automation and Control Technology
    2. Measuring and Regulation Technology
    3. Measuring and Laboratory Technology
    4. Diagnostics, Tribology
  5. Air-conditioning, Heating and Eco-technology
    1. Air-conditioning
    2. Refrigerating and freezing equipment, driers
    3. Heating of Buildings
  6. Machines, Equipment and Technology
    1. Transportation, Manipulation and Warehouse Technol
    2. ...for Other Industrial Sectors
    3. Assembly and Reconstruction of Machines and Techno
  7. Professional Services
    1. Science, Research, Education
    2. Testing, Standardisation, Certification, Metrology
    3. Engineering and Designing Services
    4. Service and Assembly Services
    5. Information Technology
    6. Ecology
    7. Water Management
    8. Associations and Organisations
  8. Related Services
    1. Financial and Economic Services
    2. Services Companies

Power engineering and Gas - Category on website

  1. Power Engineering and Gas Industry.
    1. Electrical Energy
    2. Energy Sources and Equipment
    3. Thermal energy sources
    4. Energy Resources
    5. Heating of Buildings
    6. Automation and Measurement in Power Engineering
  2. Energy Suppliers
    1. Suppliers of electricity
    2. Gas suppliers
  3. Electrotechnics
    1. Heavy-current Electrotechnics
    2. Electrotechnical Materials, Wiring Systems
    3. Illuminating Engineering and Consumer Electrotechn
  4. Electronics and Communication Technology
    1. Electronic Devices, Elements and Nodes
    2. Telecommunication and Radiocommunication Equipment
    3. Collective Treatment of Electronic Waste
    4. Consumer Electronics
    5. Custom electronics manufacturing
  5. Gas Industry and Oil industry
    1. Gas
    2. Technical gases, special
    3. Gas Plant and Equipment
    4. Production, gas distribution
    5. Fuel, oil and lubricants
  6. Professional Services
    1. Professional consultancy and education
    2. Technical Examinations and Tests of Technical Equipment
    3. Associations and Organisations
    4. Ecology, waste disposal
  7. Related Services
    1. Fairs and Exhibitions


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