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Sustainable building system SE-SIP for low-energy and passive buildings

One of the biggest challenges of the future in the construction industry is to solve the construction of low-energy and passive buildings, in accordance with increasingly strict requirements for sustainability and thermal insulation properties of buildings… Read more

Published: 2. 3. 2023
Autor: SIPEUROPE s.r.o., Lužianky


LB MINERALS SK, s.r.o. is a member of Lasselsberger Group Thanks to the wide spectrum of activities in the multinational company considered to be one of the leading suppliers of mineral raw materials in the Central Europe. The company LB MINERALS SK, s.r.o. works on the field of mining, processing and selling mineral raw materials – kaolin, ceramic clays, feldspar, bentonite, sands and aggregates… Read more

Published: 22. 2. 2023
Autor: LB MINERALS SK, s.r.o., Košice

No project too big, no detail too small

P3 is a long-term investor, manager and developer of European warehouse properties, 100% owned by GIC, the sovereign wealth fund of the Government of Singapore. We’re focused on providing our customers with a high-class occupancy experience in key locations across the continent. And because we care about the customers and communities we partner with, we develop environmentally sustainable warehouses to the highest international standards… Read more

Published: 22. 2. 2023
Autor: P3 Logistic Parks Slovakia s. r. o., Bratislava

HSF System SK is one of the TOP 15 largest construction companies in Slovakia

Construction company HSF System SK is one of the 15 largest construction companies in Slovakia… Read more

Published: 7. 12. 2022
Autor: HSF System SK, s.r.o., Žilina

De Bondt

Founded in 1996, De Bondt is an innovative engineering company with international presence, operating mainly on the Dutch and German market. The headquarters are seated in Rybárska Street in Trenčín, with branches in Žilina and Trnava. The core of our work consists of structural analysis of steel and concrete structures… Read more

Published: 12. 2. 2020
Autor: De Bondt, s.r.o., Trenčín

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