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Mountberry - health food products

There are three main profile areas: 1. seedling planting and fruit production, 2. fruit processing and preparation of healthy diet products, 3. healthy diet consultancy… Read more

Published: 9. 4. 2023
Autor: Wellberry, s.r.o., Tuchyňa

Do you know what humic acids are?

Since 2004, HUMAC Ltd is focused on the development and production of natural products with a high content of activated humic acids. Our products are specially developed to reduce the amount of toxic heavy metals and other toxins in the environment, as a natural stimulator of soil fertility, improve soil water retention and soil structure… Read more

Published: 17. 6. 2021
Autor: HUMAC s.r.o., Košice

Slovtrip, spol. s r.o. - agricultural commodities since 1995

Our company Slovtrip Ltd. is operating in the market concerned with the trading of agricultural products since 1995. Slovtrip Ltd. is specialized predominantly on export import of agricultural products such as cereals, leguminous plants or oilseeds. Most of the satisfied business partners of Slovtrip Ltd. come from European countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany… Read more

Published: 30. 6. 2020
Autor: SLOVTRIP, s.r.o., Bratislava

Agroinstitut Nitra, state enterprise

Agroinstitut Nitra, state enterprise is almost 50 years deparmently educational institution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak republic. It provides a broad portfolio of services mainly in the area of continuing vocational lifelong education, training and certification of Agricultural advisors, compiles specialized library collection, ensures effective and efficient access to information and information resources through information services and information technology. Portfolio of services is completed by hotel and conference services… Read more

Published: 11. 7. 2019
Autor: Agroinštitút Nitra, štátny podnik, Nitra

KOMODEX Ltd. – Trade and intermediary services in agricultural industry export, import.

The company was established in 2010 . According to the long-term business contacts in the agribusiness and in processing industry of the Slovak Republic and in Europe we can secure for our business partners:… Read more

Published: 3. 7. 2019
Autor: KOMODEX s.r.o., Prešov

AGRO CS Slovakia, a. s. - largest producer of gardening substrates in Slovakia

In 2015, the company AGRO CS Slovakia, a. s. celebrates its 15th anniversary of its founding. AGRO CS Slovakia, a. s. is a production and trading company, forming part of the multinational joint stock company AGRO CS, which runs business in Central and Eastern European countries and can be proud to hold the title of the “largest producer of gardening substrates in Slovakia”. The company is the result of the four-year efforts of AGROFLORA after the producer AGRO CS found out that its products had reached a 50% share in the Slovak market… Read more

Published: 19. 3. 2015
Autor: AGRO CS SLOVAKIA, a.s., Lučenec


The Trade Union of the Slovak Food Industry (Odborový zväz potravinárov Slovenskej republiky) represents employees working in the food industry in Slovakia. Its main activity is the negotiation of higher level collective agreements and collective agreements at company level… Read more

Published: 12. 2. 2014
Autor: Penzión ORAVSKÁ HORÁREŇ *** Oravský Podzámok, Oravský Podzámok

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