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Building in Slovakia 2024

in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and its Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

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Dear ladies, gentlemen, business partners!

Publishing house INFOMA Business Trading, spol. s.r.o., is preparing, as part of its edition, the twenty-third edition of a professional publication focused on business entities and institutions operating in the field of construction in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

List of presented companies

Yearbook BUILDING 2024 Yearbook BUILDING 2023 Yearbook BUILDING 2022 Yearbook BUILDING 2021 Yearbook BUILDING 2020
yearbook Building 2023

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Technical informations

Language: Slovak
Circulation: up to 3000 pcs
media form: book, internet
Year: twenty-third
Date of issue: March 2024
Deadline: 28 February 2024

Building - Category in Site

  1. Pre-project and Project Organization
    1. Architecture, Urbanism, Design
    2. Project Services
    3. Engineering and Investments
    4. Geology, Hydrogeology
    5. Geodesy, Cartography
  2. Execution
    1. Ground Works
    2. Civil engineering Works
    3. Civil engineering Technology and Craft Industry
  3. Building Materials
    1. Construction and Metallurgical Materials
    2. Construction Chemistry
    3. Building Materials´
  4. Building Products and Systems
    1. Construction and Metallurgical Products
    2. Construction Systems
    3. Sheeting, Casing and Scaffolding
  5. Interior and Exterior
    1. Interior Fitment
    2. Windows, Doors
    3. Exterior
  6. Machines and Equipments, Instruments and Tools
    1. Building Machines and Equipments
    2. Transport and Manipulation Technology
    3. Instruments and Tools
  7. Building Equipment - Electrical Installation
    1. Electrical Distribution Equipment and Electrical I
    2. Communications Systems
    3. Lighting Technique
    4. Renewable Electric Energy Sources
  8. Building Equipment - Wiring
    1. Heating
    2. Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Cooling
    3. Water, Sewerage
    4. Fixtures and Fittings, Bathrooms, Pools, Saunas and Solariums
    5. Instrumentation and Control
  9. Building Equipment - Other
    1. Lifts, Escalators, Travellators
    2. Fire-fighting Devices
    3. Alarm Systems
  10. Professional Services
    1. Science, Research, Education
    2. Standardization, Testing, Certification and Metrology
    3. Associations and Organisations
    4. Safety and Protection of Health at Work
    5. Ecology, Waste Disposal
    6. Estate Agencies and Facility Management
    7. Technical Examinations and Tests of Technical Equi
    8. Archeology
  11. Related Services
    1. Financial Services
    2. Fairs and Exhibitions
    3. Marketing
    4. Polygraphic Services
    5. Digital Print and Reprography
    6. Service Companies


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