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Dear Business Partners!

The Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food (SPPK) in co-operation with the publishing house INFOMA Business Trading, Ltd. is preparing the 18th annual volume of the specialised directory of companies operating in the Slovak Republic in the field of agriculture and food industry, including a complex list of the Chamber members.

Agriculture, food

in Slovakia 2023

Medial Partner:

agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, štátny podnik

Basic information:

Language: Slovak (nomenclature also in English)
Circulation: 3,000 copies
Media: : book, internet
Annual volume: 18th
Month of issue: Jun / July 2023
Closing date: May 31, 2023

TARGETED free distribution:


• SPPK and its members
• farm cooperatives and farmers - basic industry
• food and drink producers
• food production
• food chain stores
• specialised audience at exhibitions


• departmental ministries and their departments
• agricultural and food research institutions
• accredited laboratories and test rooms
• specialised schools and unions
• Office for Public Procurement

Agriculture - Category in Site

  1. Agriculture
    1. Plant Production
    2. Animal Production
    3. Mixed Production
    4. Environmental management
    5. Fruit-growing, truck gardening, wine-growing
    6. Forest management
    7. Rural tourism
  2. Machines and Equipment
    1. Machines and Equipment for Plant Production
    2. Machines and Equipment for Animal Production
    3. Spare parts for agricultural machines
    4. Farming equipment
    5. Municipal technology
    6. Forestry equipment
  3. Other Technological Supplies and Services
    1. Other Technological Supplies
    2. Gardening
    3. Related Services
    4. Renewable Energy Sources
  4. Agricultural Primary Production Services
    1. Grain, planting seeds, breeding
    2. Plant Protection
    3. Fertilisers and Nutrition
    4. Storage, drying, cleaning
    5. Mechanisation services
    6. Feedstuff and feed complements
    7. Trading
    8. Science, research and training
    9. Certification, testing
    10. Associations and Organisations
    11. Financial services for farmers
    12. Consulting and engineering services
    13. Software services
    14. Other agricultural services

Food - Category in Site

  1. Food, Drinks and Food Additives
    1. Foodstuffs of Animal Origin
    2. Foodstuffs of vegetable Origin
    3. Other Foodstuffs
    4. Alcoholic Drinks
    5. Non-alcoholic Drinks
    6. Commercial Activities
    7. Food Additives
  2. Food Processing Machinery
    1. Food machines and equipment
    2. Catering machines and equipment
  3. Services for food producers
    1. Science, research and training
    2. Packaging and packaging equipment
    3. Associations and Organisations
    4. Technological supplies and other services
  4. Slovak food
    1. Milk, milk products, cheese
    2. Flour, flour and bakery products
    3. Cereals, oilseeds, legumes
    4. Fruits, vegetables, potatoes
    5. Eggs
    6. Meat, meat products
    7. Spices, ingredients, spices
    8. Drinks, coffee, tea
    9. Alcoholic beverages, wines
    10. Frozen food, ready meals
    11. Small regional producers
    12. Sweets, confectionery

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