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Interview: Customer care is the way in difficult times

The year 2020 was a year of economic depression, while 2021 brought an economic recovery. Optimistic prospects were accompanied by concerns about inflation, but what happened on the energy market could not have been foreseen. We tell you more about what the year 2021 was like, and how it impacted activities of Slovak energy suppliers in 2022 in the interview with Juraj Bayer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Východoslovenská energetika a.s… Read more

Published: 25. 11. 2022
Autor: Východoslovenská energetika a.s., Košice

Connecting energy

Our company SEZ DK a.s. was founded in 1947 as one of the first plants given in the field of industrialization. We have been a member of the FPD group since 2009… Read more

Published: 25. 8. 2022
Autor: SEZ DK a. s., Dolný Kubín

SIMAP GROUP - A reliable partner in industrial automation and innovation

At SIMAP GROUP, we are supplying comprehensive solutions for industrial automation and industrial marking, distributing automation components and machines to leading companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic for 15 years… Read more

Published: 13. 10. 2020
Autor: SIMAP GROUP, a.s., Trenčín

Laser marking

Laser marking is the most effective and the cheapest type of industrial marking. Of all the types of industrial marking, lasers operate with the lowest operating costs. How is it possible? They are basically simple in construction without mechanical parts and at the same time do not need any consumables for operation other than electricity… Read more

Published: 13. 10. 2020
Autor: SIMAP GROUP, a.s., Trenčín

Innovation of production with Industry 4.0

The innovations coming with Industry 4.0 bring with them a number of changes. These are most felt in the economy and the work segment due to the complete restructuring and change of social habits related to the change of consumer behavior… Read more

Published: 13. 10. 2020
Autor: SIMAP GROUP, a.s., Trenčín

Intelligent robotics with Mitsubishi Electric

Industrial robots are an integral part of industrial automation. Thanks to innovative technologies, with the growing number of robotic applications, we are successfully increasing production volumes while reducing costs… Read more

Published: 13. 10. 2020
Autor: SIMAP GROUP, a.s., Trenčín

We are SOS electronic

We are a transnational distributor of electronic components for industrial production. We specialize in verified world brands with design-in emphasis. Thus, we are with you already during the design and development of the devices. Customers are most grateful for the individual service and support. SOS electronic is a part of the strong German holding, Conrad Electronic… Read more

Published: 8. 9. 2020
Autor: SOS electronic s.r.o., Košice

Wind of change in energy business. innogy is there.

RWE decided to comprehensively restructure the Group. We have bundled the business segments of Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure, and Retail in a new subsidiary called innogy. RWE AG will continue to focus on conventional electricity generation and energy trading; it will also remain the majority shareholder in the new subsidiary in the long term. And in autumn 2016 we are focusing on those changes and are bringing the new innogy brand to the Slovak market… Read more

Published: 23. 9. 2016
Autor: Východoslovenská energetika a.s., Košice

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