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Latest articles

About company AGRIFARMI, spol. s r. o.

Gradually, the company must be imported exclusively and representatives of world manufacturers for the territory of the Slovak Republic by such well-known manufacturers, because they are: Finnish FARMI forest forest, Czech LASKI, or Italian SEPPI M.



The company LB MINERALS SK, s.r.o. works on the field of mining, processing and selling mineral raw materials - kaolin, ceramic clays, feldspar, bentonite, sands and aggregates.



P3 is a long-term investor, manager and developer of European warehouse properties with more than 8,5 million m² of assets under management and land bank of 2 million m² for further development. P3 has commercial activities in 11 countries and ...


Sustainable building system SE-SIP for low-energy and passive buildings

One of the biggest challenges of the future in the construction industry is to solve the construction of low-energy and passive buildings, in accordance with increasingly strict requirements for sustainability and thermal insulation properties of building


Welkam café, bar and guesthouse

Welkam is a café, bar and guesthouse situated in the historical part of Poprad-Veľká. The name refers to one of the original names of Veľká – Welkam.


Expert in bending of profiles

The Slovak company Maschinen- und Werkzeugbau, s.r.o., is probably the last one of few comnpanies that manufactures the parts needed for its machines themselves.


For more than 60 years

... AWU belongs to the leading manufacturers of highly precise, cylindrical, induction hardened and grinded components. However different their application might be, there are some similarities all products share ...


Your partner in the field of industrial seals

DIMER is a European manufacturer and supplier of a complete line of industrial seals, mechanical and standard seals, hydraulic and pneumatic sealing systems and assemblies, thermal insulation boards, static ropes and ...


Quality that never gets old

Knitting production and the production of stocking-like products has more than 80 years of tradition under the Tatras, in the town of Svit. The first stocking knitting machines were installed in 1934.



Latest entries of the presented companies


Aviation work, aviation school

Other agricultural services

MILKING, spol. s r.o.

Engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing of food industry technologies

Food machines and equipment

DANAGRA s.r.o.

Supply of machinery and equipment for agriculture, processing and energy recovery of waste of organic origin

Machines and Equipment for Plant Production

Stredná odborná škola potravinárska Topoľčany

All educational programs focused on the food industry

Science, research and training

Stredná odborná škola poľnohospodárstva a služieb na vidieku Žilina

Economic, agricultural, horticultural, veterinary and cynological areas, tourism and rural tourism

Science, research and training

Stredná odborná škola Pruské

Center for vocational education and training

Science, research and training

Farma Tekvička

Slovak pumpkin products, kernels, oils

Small regional producers

FARMA RYBY Kubrica / SIETE - RYBY s.r.o.

Fish breeding on ponds in Kubrica, sale: freshwater, sea, frozen, smoked fish

Small regional producers

ENERGEN SK, s.r.o.

Stimulants and support products for agriculture

Fertilisers and Nutrition

Bryndziareň a syráreň, s.r.o.

The oldest producer of bryndza in the world with more than 200 years tradition

Milk, milk products, cheese



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