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Slovak producerWiring materials

Basic information


SEZ DK a. s.

Slovak producer of electrical installation material

M.R. Štefánika 1831/46
026 19 Dolný Kubín
Phone: +421 43 5809 205
Phone: +421 43 5809 118

ID: 36854174
VAT / Tax ID: SK2022501415

Slovak producer of electrical installation material

• 70. years of tradition
• Leader in central Europe
• Member of FPD group
• Production capacity covers an area of 50 569 m2
• Our portfolio: industrial sockets and plugs, distribution assemblies,
terminal strips, junction boxes, electrical installation material

Connecting energy

Our company SEZ DK a.s. was founded in 1947 as one of the first plants given in the field of industrialization. We have been a member of the FPD group since 2009.

Thanks to a long tradition, experience and state-of-the-art technology in the field of electrical installation production, we have long maintained our position as a leader in the countries of Central Europe. Our production capacities cover an area of 50,569 m2. For the development of products we are using our own research and development department. Our technological portfolio is toolshop, plastics, metal and electroplating processings.

Presentation of the publication Slovakia 2021

Published: 25. 8. 2022


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Presentation of the publication Slovakia 2021
Presentation of the publication Slovakia 2021

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Internet Complete Entry. Published 28. 4. 2021

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