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Basic information


De Bondt, s.r.o.

Designing and structural analysis of buildings.

Rybárska ul. 7389
911 01 Trenčín
Phone: +421 32 748 0011
ID: 34151851
VAT / Tax ID: SK2020173903
Customer: De Bondt, s. r. o.

We provide a wide range of project and advisory services:

• Structural analyses, seismic calculations, concrete and steel structure details calculation
• Complex projects and consultancy for developers, BIM
• Concrete and steel structures design, workshop documentation
• Specialist services: seismic calculations, passive house projects, fire protection project documentation

De Bondt

Founded in 1996, De Bondt is an innovative engineering company with international presence, operating mainly on the Dutch and German market. The headquarters are seated in Rybárska Street in Trenčín, with branches in Žilina and Trnava. In 2019, along with the German partner, the company founded an affiliated company, con-tura, in Potsdam. De Bondt is a member of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers and a member of the Merge organisation, the European network of consulting engineers. The company offers high quality services to its clients, based on long-term rich experience and thanks to its qualified, highly professional team of internal and external collaborators.

Administration building of De Bondt, s.r.o.

The core of our work consists of structural analysis of steel and concrete structures. Having a number of experts for this activity in our office, we are able to provide:

  • Structural analyses – general structural analysis
  • Seismic calculations
  • Steel and concrete structure details calculation

However, for developers in Slovakia, we are also able to provide complex consultancy and project services – starting from the search of land for construction, obtaining the zoning decision and building permit, through to engineering and final inspection. We also provide project management during the course of construction.

Residential complex Trenčianska Riviéra

Additional areas include services for general contractors, steel and concrete structure manufacturers, in particular:

  • Drawing steel structures in the Tekla SW – up to the level of workshop documentation
  • Drawing prefabricated structures in the Allplan and Tekla SW – up to the level of production documentation
  • Drawing monolithic structures in the Allplan SW, including the shape, reinforcement drawings and reports

In our team, we have specialists for:

  • Seismic calculations
  • Structural analyses for nuclear industry
  • BIM designing
  • Structural analyses of prefabricated high-rise buildings
  • Passive houses
  • Fire protection

We have excellent language skills – our colleagues communicate in English, German and Dutch language, we are used to using the Eurocode standards with applications for national markets (German, Dutch) and we communicate with the inspection structural engineers (Prüfstatiker) in Germany.

Until this day, we have provided designs for a wide range of industries – energy, food, concrete, wood, chemical, logistics, industrial and warehouse parks. In terms of civil buildings, we have cooperated with developers in constructing residential complexes, hotels, shopping centres, parking lots, nursing homes, etc.

Published: 12. 2. 2020



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Administration building of De Bondt, s.r.o.
Administration building of De Bondt, s.r.o.
Amsterdam Symhony
Amsterdam Symhony
Modernizacija fabrika cementa LUKAVAC
Modernizacija fabrika cementa LUKAVAC
Hotel PANORAMA Trenčianske Teplice
Hotel PANORAMA Trenčianske Teplice
Manufacture complex ITAB Boskovice
Manufacture complex ITAB Boskovice
Residential complex Trenčianska Riviéra
Residential complex Trenčianska Riviéra

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