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Sharvan bike

The first growing and folding city bike in the world

Ľubochnianska 2407/2
080 06 Ľubotice
Mobile: +421 908 620 506
ID: 51411709
VAT / Tax ID: SK2120688856

Contact person

Dipl. Ing. Dušan Manduľák, PhD. - CEO

• A leading Slovak manufacturer of plastic and metal components
• Unique urban folding bike that combines 3 functions, grows, folds, changes colours
• Sharvan is versatile for everyone, regardless of age, height, or weight

Sharvan Bike – the first growing bike in the world

This year's cycling season will be marked again by a huge demand for bicycles. Considering the current situation, it is no wonder that interest in clearing one's mind and cycling has increased. This year's techno­logical innovation – the unique Sharvan city bike, which is developed by the LPH group, went into mass production from 5/2022.

Since its world premiere in 2019 at the prestigious bicycle fair EUROBIKE 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the SHARVAN bike has already been the official means of transport of the Slovak pavilion at the global exhibition EXPO Dubai 2020, and in February 2022 it won the award of the Minister of Economy in the Innovative Act of the Year –in the Technological Innovation category.

Sharvan’s uni­queness combines three unique features that make it unlike any other mass-produced bicycle: it is foldable (size of 60×67×40cm when folded), its frame is made by thermoplastic injection technology and can easily adjust its size to comfortably fit both children and adults. Thanks to the removable colour frame covers, it is also possible to adapt its appearance to the current mood or occasion at any time. For example, paintings by famous artists.

The LPH group, located in Eastern Slovakia, is well known mainly for the production the finest quality plastic and metal components. For over than 30 years of operation on the market, it has gained the trust of the world's leading car manufacturers, manufacturers of home electronics, white goods, garden equipment and others. Sharvan bike is the first completely own product of the company and they really cared about it. More than 12,000 hours of development, innovative production processes using the highest quality materials and components, and then demanding tests in testing institutes are a guarantee of flawless bicycle quality. Sharvan comes to the market in three standard versions Classic, City and Country, as well as an e-bike version with electric drive. You can discover more interesting things about the new purely Slovak Sharvan bicycle on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram fanpage.

One for the whole family!

SHARVAN is the first bicycle of its kind that combines 3 functions, never seen before. It grows, folds and changes colours. It is universal. And made in Slovakia.


With adjustable handlebars and extendable frame, SHARVAN comfortably adapts to riders of all ages, height and weight. Share one with the whole family.


SHARVAN when folded has size of 60×67×40 cm and weighs from 13.9 kg to 17.3 kg (electric version), depending on the level of equipment.


SHARVAN reflects your style. You can have an innocent white on Monday, a business blue in the middle of the week or a red devil on the weekend. Simply replace the centre cover in a few minutes. No special skills needed.

Comfortable – Reliable – Quiet

SHARVAN hides advanced production technologies and functional components of top quality. Choose the 1–3–7–8 gear and go to the streets of the city or wander through the countryside. Mass production of the electric version of the bicycle is also planned from 11/2022.

SHARVAN is comfortable

The composite bicycle frame is made by using the injection molding method. Thanks to the damping effect of the composite polyamide-carbon frame and its special ribbing, the SHARVAN rides smoothly and comfortably.

SHARVAN is reliable

It is not afraid of speed or sudden stops. SHARVAN is also reliable thanks to high-quality disc brakes. The brake cables, hidden in the frame, do not interfere with movement and folding.

SHARVAN is quiet

You hardly notice it while driving. SHARVAN also offers elegant movement thanks to the 18-inch wheels, which are driven by a special drive belt instead of a standard drive chain.

Published: 9. 9. 2022



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