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Waterborne Transport Development Agency


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Basic information


Waterborne Transport Development Agency

Budgetary Organization of Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development and was established by Act No. 556/2010

Lamačská cesta 8
811 04 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 2 594 94 753
Fax: +421 2 524 54 057

IČO: 42183677
IČ DPH / DIČ: 2023172811

Contact person

Dipl. Ing. Martin Boroš – Director

Objects of activity:

• provide development and modernization of waterways in accordance with approved Transport Policy,
• preparation and implementation of construction and reconstruction of parts of waterways,
• supporting documents for processing of concepts
• promoting of inland navigation,
• processing documents, proposals and justification for obtain and efficient funds distribution for investment to inland waterways,
• coordination and provision of repair, reconstruction and modernization of inland waterway parts,
• implementation of pilot projects for the development of intermodal transport axes,
• participation in the development and implementation of new technologies and operating systems on waterways.

Waterborne Transport Development Agency

Project: Upgrade of Gabčíkovo locks

Upgrade of Gabčíkovo locks is part of a Global Project which aims to upgrade the Gabčíkovo locks to ensure good navigation status in the Slovak part of the Danube and along the Rhine – Danube core network corridor.

Gabčíkovo locks are located at river km 1,820 of the Danube in proximity of the Hungarian border. The current structure of the locks consists of several infrastructure components which need to be upgraded/replaced to maintain stable and safe navigation. The Gabčíkovo water structure is characterized by two lock chambers and a hydraulic power station.

Project financing: Project is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility
Total budget of the project: 144 665 000 EUR
Co-financing from the EU: 122 965 250 EUR
Project Duration: 02/2016 – 12/2021

Main objectives of the project are:

  • Ensure a good navigation status along the Slovak section of the Danube by increasing safety, reliability and efficiency of operations of the Gabčíkovo locks
  • Supporting modal split by fostering the use of inland waterway transport and eliminationg bottlenecks along the Rhine-Danube core network corridor.


Project: DaReM – Danube Rehabilitation Measures

The beneficiary of project is Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic. The implementing bodies are Waterborne Transport Development Agency, Water management construction state enterprise and Slovak Water-management Enterprise. The aim of the project is to propose and implement measures to ensure the sustainable of a fairway on an inland waterway of international importance on the Danube River, in the reservoir Hrušov in the range of rkm1845 to rkm1868.

Project financing: Project is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility
Total budget: 9 750 000 EUR
Co-financing from the EU: 8 287 500 EUR
Project Duration: 02/2017 – 12/2020

Main objectives of the project are:

  • to ensure sustainable assurance of fairway on an inland waterway of international significance on the Danube River and mitigation of negative impacts of sedimentation in reservoir Hrušov in the range of rkm 1845 to rkm 1868,
  • to enhance the quality and safety of navigation,
  • to remove bottlenecks on the Slovak part of the Danube waterway,
  • to create conditions for the elaboration and appreciation of sediments in relation to the demands of the environment and the market.

Published: 11. 4. 2018


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Presentation of the publication SLOVAKIA 2018
Presentation of the publication SLOVAKIA 2018

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