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Villa Vino Rača, a.s.

Production and sale of quality varietal wine

Pri Vinohradoch 2
831 06 Bratislava
Phone: +421 2 49 20 24 11
Phone: +421 2 49 20 24 32
Mobile: +421 915 790 971
ID: 00190268
VAT / Tax ID: SK2020332138


• Production and sale of quality Slovak wines
• Sale of gift packaging for wine
• Purchase via e-shop
• Possibility of wine tasting


Winery Villa Vino Rača, a.s. is an important producer of wine in the Rača district of Bratislava. It is the continuation of a rich tradition that has been linked to viticulture and the production of quality wines since time immemorial. Formerly, Rača wine reached the royal court of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and was exported to 65 countries worldwide. Nowadays, the winery continues to build on the successes of the past. The name of the winery is inspired by the original name of the village from 1322, „Villa de Récse“. The company was established in 2004 by the transformation of the Rača agricultural cooperative, whose roots date back to 1949. The cooperative was in the past one of the most important cooperatives of winegrowers and winemakers in this area. In the past, in addition to winegrowing, the cooperative cultivated strawberries, peaches and oyster mushrooms. Over time, the Rača vineyards were swallowed up by the city, today only a few of the famous wineries from Prešporok (old name of Bratislava) remain.

Currently, Villa Vino Rača manages 26 hectares of Rača vineyards. Frankovka is evidenced by a relatively flat slope with a granite substratum of the Krivé vineyard, the best tramines are born in the Žajdlík vineyard. Riesling, also called “lipka” (it means “linden”) in some regions, comes from the Lipa hunt in Račia. Kinisperk is home to the Műller Thurgau variety. In addition to its own grapes, the winery also processes purchased grapes, mainly from the “Malokarpatská” (Small Carpathians) and also from the “Nitrianska” (Nitra) and “Južnoslovenská” (South Slovak) wine-growing regions. The range of traditional varieties is thus complemented by other varieties and Slovak newly-bred varieties.

The interference of the soil composition of the Rača vineyards, specific microclimatic conditions and appropriately chosen varieties is reflected in the inimitable originality of white, rosé, but especially red wines. The winery uses proven elements of modern oenology in the production process. It starts with pneumatic pressing of grapes, settling of musts and physical and biological regulation of fermentation with our own strains of yeast. In the case of perfectly ripe grapes, collected in small crates, as a first winery in Slovakia started to use a picking table, where the grapes are checked once more and, if necessary, damaged berries are removed in order to ensure the perfect quality of the final product. The result of rigorously followed technological procedures is maximally balanced wines that not only have a clean aroma with a distinct varietal character, but also a fresh and delicious taste.

The focus of the company's pro­duction, which ranks among medium-sized wine companies, is on high-quality varietal wines and, depending on the conditions and quality of the particular year, also wines with the attribute. In good vintages, natural sweet wines, raisin selections and ice wines are created. Continuing the tradition of producing sparkling wines from Prešporok, the Villa Vino Rača winery also produces a sparkling wine using the traditional method.

The winery Villa Vino Rača regularly takes part in national and foreign competitions, where it is extremely successful. The wines of Rača are awarded dozens or even hundreds of medals each year. Champion titles are a significant achievement. In 2023, among other success, the Villa Vino Rača winery won the Palme Vinalies Mondial du rosé 2023 Révélation Douceur trophy for the highest rated wine of the competition for the Palugyay Frankovka modrá ice wine, vintage 2018.

The achieved successes of the company are the result of an ideal combination of three factors – compliance with the traditional quality of wines on the market, a correctly chosen and applied marketing strategy and a far-sighted business policy of the company. Villa Vino Rača, as the first Slovak wine producer, can boast of having received the Quality Brand award, which was awarded to it by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic as part of the National Program for the Support of Domestic Agricultural Products and Food for the products Račianska Frankovka, Rizling rýnsky, Chardonnay, Műller Thurgau and Tramín červený, which meet the strictest requirements of the European Union.

What is the character of our Rača wine? It is undoubtedly authentic, original and unique. You can be sure to find many „E“ in it – however not artificial, but spiritual. Our wine is not only emotive, elegant, ethereal, empathic, energetic, but also elite, exclusive, exemplary, evocative, erotic and elastic. The total production includes various quality and price categories – the simplest quality varietal wines in the „Pressburg“ collection, exclusive but at the same time affordable wines in the „Exclusive“ and „Excellence“ collections, and the highest quality wines in the „Cisárska“, „Grand Vin“ and „Palugyay“ collections. The prestigious „Palugyay“ wine collection includes appellation wines in different styles. From dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet white to red wines matured in wooden barrels. The greatest pride is natural sweet wines – raisin selections and ice wines. The term Palugyay refers to the family of Jakub Palugyay, who was the founder of the wine empire in the former Austria-Hungary. However, the flagship brand of the winery is definitely Račianska Frankovka. As the CEO of the company, Ing. Ján Krampl, CsC. said „Rača is a symbol of honest and beautiful red wine, its Frankovka is a legend“.

According to Maria Theresa's donation deed in 1767, the wine made from the Frankovka modrá variety was recognized as a drink suitable for the royal table mainly due to its beneficial effects on human health. The medicinal effects of the Račianska frankovka were already used in the Middle Ages for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and as prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In addition to having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mycotic and anti-allergic properties, it stabilizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and increases resistance to stress. Due to its unique character, frankovka reaps success until today, and therefore, Rača can be called the capital of frankovka.

Published: 20. 6. 2023


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