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Mountberry - health food products

There are three main profile areas: 1. seedling planting and fruit production, 2. fruit processing and preparation of healthy diet products, 3. healthy diet consultancy… Read more

Published: 9. 4. 2023
Autor: Wellberry, s.r.o., Tuchyňa

Discover Liana products that stand firm on their foundations traditions and qualities

For greater comfort and to ensure a successful baking and cooking results, we have created basic flour mixes for all types of doughs for our customers with gluten intolerance. All were tested by our gluten-free confectioner. Their strength is the complete absence of gluten, sugar, eggs, lactose, soy, colourings and GMOs. In addition, all Liana Gluten-Free Flours can also be purchased on prescription at pharmacies… Read more

Published: 27. 5. 2022
Autor: LIANA GOLIAŠ s.r.o., Raslavice

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