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Basic information


Wellberry, s.r.o.

Fruit growing and production of healthy food products Mountberry

Tuchyňa 76
018 55 Tuchyňa
Mobile: +421 905 546 101
ID: 36843105
VAT / Tax ID: SK2022479503

Contact person

Dipl. Ing. Peter Slezák, +421 905 546 101,

Mountberry - health food products

Wellberry, ltd was established in 2007. The main goal was to create project-focused company concerning healthy diet.

There are three main profile areas:

• seedling planting and fruit production
• fruit processing and preparation of healthy diet products
• healthy diet consultancy

Seedling planting and fruit production – company focuses on planting and production of lingonberries, blueberries and other berrylike fruits, their plantation, distribution of seedlings and complex advisory when establishing new plantings.

Nowadays, as a first Slovak company growing cranberries in picturesque Orava region – in cadaster of locality Hladovka and Vavrečka, we are testing the most suitable varieties which acan be succesfully grown in our condtions.

One of the core tasks of our company is promotion and support of cranberry, blueberry and other berrylike fruits planting and thus increase the consumption of abovementioned fruits in order to use its possitve effect on human oraginism.

Fruit processing and preparation of healthy diet products – company is about to establish new operation unit, where using the modern technologies various types of fruit will be processed and different healthy diet products without chemical preservatives and artificial sweetener and colourings will be produced.

Products such as juices, syrups, candided or dry fruit, jams and marmelades will be prepared from natural materials which will be processed by technological approach not eliminating the percentage of active elements.

100 % fruit puree

Spooky – fruit puree

100 % fruit jams

Loose fruit teas

100 % fruit juices 250 ml

100 % fruit fiber

100 % fruit juices 500 ml

LIMOLA 100 % fruit juices 250 ml

Healthy Diet Consultancy – company invests into development of nutritient software which should help to every single person to evaluate income and outcome of energy, physocal activity, health risks, etc.

Main goal is to point out on the shortcommings in peoples diet and to help them to get easily familiar with choice of proper meals, with preparation of proper exercising program and especially with preparation of change of their lifestyles. People with various health issues should change their eating habits and our aim is to help them to prepare appropriate diet program considering their health issues and to enable them an acces to relevant information without increased investments.

Published: 9. 4. 2023



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