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Mesto Dunajská Streda


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Mesto Dunajská Streda

Obecný úrad, mesto

Hlavná 50/16
929 01 Dunajská Streda
Tel.: +421 31 5903 911
Tel.: +421 31 5903 922, 5903 941
Fax: +421 31 5527 142
E-mail: primator@dunstreda.eu
Web: www.dunstreda.sk

IČO: 00305383

Kontaktné osoby

JUDr. Zoltán Hájos - primátor

City of Dunajska Streda

Dunajská Streda is a city in Southern Slovakia, located in Podunajská nížina (Danubian Lowland). It is part of the regional government in Trnava.

Dunajská Streda is the heart of Žitný Ostrov (Rye Island), within the triangle formed by three important cities: Bratislava, Vienna and Győr. It has about 25,000 inhabitants and is an urban center for about 100,000 citizens of the of Žitný Ostrov region.


The city of Dunajská Streda grew from a settlement in the middle of Žitný Ostrov. The teritory was inhabited as early as the Bronze Age, but there is historical evidence of the Roman Empire, as well as the Migration Period.

The city has a 950-year history as a market town. Since 1405, it has been a feudal town. The modern city of Dunajská Streda was, according to the city chronicle, founded in 1874 by a merger of independent settlements Újfalu, Nemesszeg, Előtejed and Szerdahely.

Basic information:

Area: 48 km²
Population: 22,989

Thermal baths:

The thermal spa in Dunajská Streda is among the most popular and most visited spas in the region. It offers healing mineral waters, a park, a small lake, swimming pools, a restaurant, several food stands, a bed and breakfast, and camping facilities.

The thermal water comes from 1,600 meters deep and on surface reaches 57 °C It is suited not only for swimming, but also has healing properties for locomotor and joint diseases.

The spa facilities, on 26 hectars, consist of six pools with water temperatures between 24 °C and 38 °C.


The beautiful Vámbéry Square is dominated by the Gothic Roman Catholic church from the 14th Century. Renovated several times in the past, the interior is now in a Baroque style. The Protestant church on Hlavná ulica (Main Street) is from 1883. A synagogue once stood on this street and it was the biggest temple in Žitný Ostrov. Unfortunately, the building was bombed in 1945 and its ruins were taken away. According to historical documents, a religious school was functioning in Dunajská Streda as early as the mid-17th Century and the first 8-year secondary school opened in 1938.

There are other valuable buildings that showcase to the visitor Dunajská Streda’s rich history. One of the most prominent ones is the Yellow Castle, a Baroque building, built by the city’s well-known citizen and advocate, bishop Mikuláš Kondé, in 1770. The castle now hosts the Museum of Žitný Ostrov. Another beautiful building is Villa Vermes.

Well known personalities from Dunajská Streda:

Ármín Vámbéry, the famous scholar of the Orient, who lived in the second half of the 19th Century, was a citizen of our town. He was an author of several travel books about the Near East.

The Mayor’s Office:
Mestský úrad Dunajská Streda
Hlavná 50/16
929 01 Dunajská Streda
Phone: +421315903911
Fax: +421315527142
E-mail: primator@dunstreda.eu

Článok bol publikovaný: 27. 1. 2016


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